Who we are

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Our Vision

A community where every person has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Mission

To inspire and connect the women of Indian River County who collectively fund and support the projects of local nonprofits making transformational, sustainable change in our community.


Impact 100 Indian River is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. Copies of our most recent financial documents are below.

Form 990

Annual Financial Review



We demonstrate accountable and responsible stewardship of the resources, processes and financial investments of Impact 100.

Value Based Behaviors

  • Exhibits authenticity and courage in the face of peer pressure and difficult decisions
  • Consistently keeps commitments
  • Demonstrates candor, open and direct communication
  • Manages financials, processes and grants with excellence
  • Operates objectivity in all aspects of our operations
  • Models good citizenship

We continuously create connections and build commitment to the Impact 100 Mission and Values.

Value Based Behaviors

  • Appreciates past successes, current achievements and future needs of all aspects of the Impact Community
  • Clarifies and builds strong connections to the Impact Mission and Values
  • Personally behaves in concert with the Impact Mission and Values
  • Inspires a passion in others for changing lives in the community

We strive to create a climate that cultivates learning, growth, change and personal fulfillment.

Value Based Behaviors

  • Actively seeks and provides educational and development opportunities across the Impact Community
  • Embraces and leads change required to sustain the organization into the future
  • Sees the possibilities in people, ideas and projects; supports their transformational and developmental efforts

We strive to appreciate, respect and leverage the perspectives, talents and experience of our members, partners and nonprofits.

Value Based Behaviors

  • Leverages diversity of thinking and experience when leading projects, seeking solutions or making decisions
  • Looks beyond familiar processes and people to make decisions and choices that optimize for the success and sustainability of the organization
  • Creates clear and transparent decision processes and success criteria that help to build organizational alignment

We seek to continuously improve our operations with minimal bureaucracy.

Value Based Behaviors

  • Effectively balances the requirements of process with efficiency of operations
  • Encourages new ideas for continuous improvement without sacrificing quality
  • Creates clear and transparent accountabilities and expectations