2023-2024 Grant Cycle

We're here to help you through the process

Our 2024-2025 grant cycle kicked off immediately after our 2023-2024 grants were awarded. The full Grant Cycle started in May with Visioning support, and will end in April when members vote to determine which finalists will receive the $100,000 grant awards. Below are the steps in the process and key dates for both nonprofits and members.

Grants Timeline for Nonprofits

Steps Dates
Visioning begins May 1 – year-round
Grant Writing Workshop June 25 | 9 AM | Northern Trust
Grant applications open June 3
Nonprofit Information Session (NPIS) TBD | 9-11 AM | Northern Trust
Grant applications close November 4 | 5:00 PM
Initial screening of grant applications; nonprofits not eligible are notified December
Eligible grants projects assigned to grant panels December
Grant reviews and site visits January – February
Finalists selected and notified; Meet the Finalists March
Annual meeting, voting and grant awards announced April

Grants Timeline for Members

Visioning beginsMay 1 – year-round
Grant panel recruiting beginsMay 1 – October 1
Grant panels organizedOctober – November
Financial Advisor trainingNovember
Grant Panel training and Panel Chair trainingNovember
Reading table reviews applications for eligibilityDecember
Eligible grant projects assigned to grant panelsDecember
Grant reviews, site visits, and panel summariesJanuary – February
Finalists Selection Panel meets to confirm finalists
Meet the Finalists
Online voting opensEnd of March
Annual meeting, voting closes, and grant awards announcedApril