Ways to Support

Ways to Support


Sponsorships by companies and our members are critical to helping us reach our mission and keeping our fees to members as low as possible. We offer five levels of sponsorships, each with their own level of benefits. Click to jump to the Sponsorship page.

Annual Fund

We are excited to introduce members to our first ever annual fund drive – Thrive Together. This fund is specifically designed to help meet our strategic and financial goals by providing the financial resources to invest in infrastructure needed to support membership growth and manage ever increasing grant requests.  We are asking every member to contribute something, however small or large.  Please click here to donate now. Your choice. Your impact.   

Employer Match

Double your gift Impact. Many employers offer a matching gift program and will match your charitable contribution. If your company offers a matching gift program, request and complete the form, identifying your gift to Impact100 Indian River.

Gift Membership

Employers, male family members, and friends can consider giving a membership for a deserving woman simply by donating $1,100. Please be sure to provide the name and contact information of the membership recipient. Donations must be received by the end of February for the recipient to be eligible to vote in that calendar year. [Examples: Donation received March 2023-Febuary, 2024, the member can vote for 2024 grants. Donation received after February 2024, recipient will be eligible to vote in 2025.] Questions, click here to contact us.

General Donations

Financial gifts of any size are greatly appreciated and can be used to:

  • Help cover overhead expenses related to running our organization
  • Help fund scholarships to individuals unable to donate the full membership fee
  • Increase our grant fund

To make a general donation, click here to contact us.

In-Kind Donations

Many individuals and businesses choose to make in-kind gifts or donate professional services which allow us to keep our overhead expenses low. To make an in-kind donation, please contact us